Friday Night Thoughts!


There is so much going on in the world right now. I just want to unplug, go ghost. Three days still no president like what is going on, Well guess we just must wait on that and that freaking suck. That is one thing, another thing on my mind is for the last couple days I have been seeing these crazy videos on the internet. From police shootings, racism going no, bullying, family fights, some extreme videos I have seen, and it is sad. Then of course this pandemic, not to mention all the violence surrounding these young rappers is very scary. R.I.P to the rapper who lost his life today. I want to send prayers for those have lost loved ones, I pray for healing of this world. I pray the world become safer and we have the right people standing beside us. I feel like when will all the bad end. I know this post is not really what people will want to hear/ read, it is just my thoughts at the moment and can’t help but to write about it that’s how I express myself, and I also know I am not the only person worried (Hope Not). Wishing love, peace, happiness, strength and guidance, praying for things to work out for the better. My mind is wondering with all types of thoughts and feelings I will continue to pray and have faith and hope you do the same. Stay prayed up people and try to wake up every morning with a good and happy outlook on life. Again, just my thoughts #JustWrite thank you for reading.

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