Christmas Shopping!

Christmas Shopping!

Hi, So I am doing some Christmas shopping and I thought I had it figured out but nope I do not lol. I thought I would find everything I need from decorations, food, and toys clothing, accessories and more . Some stores do not really have anything even when looking online. Does anyone have this same problem now? I think I should have started way early then I did. So now I am redoing some of my list and hopefully I can get the person something they like. That is the hard part about shopping for me, sometimes I feel I must get exactly what they want. Even though it is the thought that counts some people do not see it that way, so I try to get the things they want. I know other people would not care as long as they got a gift. Anyways I am ranting about to continue to look online and shop more and hopefully things will come together and I find what I want. Thanks for reading! #My thoughts #JUSTWRITE

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