Just sitting and thinking should I start dating? Am I ready for that?
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Date or No?

Questioning myself lately and asking am I ready to date? Thinking about relationships, love, and having someone by my side. Getting that lonely feeling. Just a little scared honestly of putting myself out there, letting my guard down. I also think that it is time to at least try to meet new people. I am a homebody and I need to get out of that. Want to live a little and be happy enjoying my life. My life consists of motherhood, working, writing all day every day. Do some different things. Just doing a little thinking well of course and it’s on my mind. Just don’t know when I would work up the courage to actually do it. Lol.

I am still a work in progress and still trying to learn to trust. Blah Blah Blah my life is boring…. Thinking out loud.

Blessings and love!


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2 thoughts on “T.O.L-Dating

  1. I was 66 years old before I was “ready to date!”
    If you are unsure of yourself regarding the prospect of a new relationship, then you probably aren’t ready.
    The question is, how do you get ready?
    I studied Scientology. I probably could have started earlier than age 66, but by that time, other activities had become more important to me.
    But there is a TON of dating advice, emotional intelligence advice, as well as videos about what I studied, out there and available.
    Build up your confidence by social contacts that are less serious than dating, such as classes or group events (I was doing social dancing and day hiking).
    But filling in the basics of how people work, which so many of our parents couldn’t teach us or ignored teaching us, is extremely important and I would not omit it.

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