Welcome To Just Write!

Welcome to Just Write!

I talk about many topics about any and everything, I like to get my thoughts out there. There is also a craft page I have with crafts and craft ideas. This is also a site to share your thoughts and feelings so please feel free to do so. I love feedback!

Hope you Enjoy! Thanks

Just Write II

Writing is a Passion Sometimes keeps me Calm! Just write and be you!!! Let out your creativity!!💜💙💚🖤🤎💛🧡❤❤ Write when I am up and write when I am down! Happy Writing Wanted to share these. Enjoy and Thank You

Just Me

She is still guarded because many thieves came in before broke her trust and held her mind hostage. She is still trying to break free. She working on it. taking a while!


Joy The joy in waking up to those you love Those who love you The joy in having love, happiness, and family The joy in being nice, wonderful, gentle The joy in being yourself The joy in being a … Continue reading Joy

I Smile

I Smile!! Keeping this beautiful smile on my face, sometimes it is hard to do. But I do it and try to be happy I smile while burying the pain I smile to keep from crying, hold that shit … Continue reading I Smile


Rage I am seeing red Pacing back and forth Fist are balled ready to fight Rage inside of me Crazy thoughts going through my mind Pacing and yelling I do not care, at all, at all, at all Rage … Continue reading Rage

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To Just Write!

  1. This is different! At first glance I like what you are trying to do. Keep making it happen! Communication can lead to understanding! And don’t we need more of that?

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