Move On!

Don’t Hold On

Move on, you deserve better and to be loved right!


Published by Ray'Elaine

I am a author I love to write/blog and be myself. I have so many great ideas can't wait to share!

2 thoughts on “Move On!

  1. This is such an issue these days! It’s so sad.

    I know a lovely young woman who really shouldn’t be a single mom right now. We both think psych meds taken by her ex had a lot to do with it.

    We have a LOT to learn about what “the system” (remember when it was called “the man?” even white dissidents called it that!) is really doing. It is serious business! There is so much untapped wisdom out there, and so much bad and useless information, too. I pray you and all your friends find your truth among all this confusion. It can really make a difference to have a better understanding of what is going on..

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