That “NO” Word

That No Word….Still don’t like lol

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Hello, how is everyone’s night going?

Why do we sometimes feel like we can not tell those close to us the word no, if we do, we feel guilty and question ourselves. We want to help and be there, so we do not like to tell people no. The thing is we know sometimes that the best thing is to say no and know it is the right choice, but we struggle with it. Me I have that problem especially with my kids. I try to please my love ones no matter what. Yes of course there are times when I am like no and that is final, but still feel bad about it and there are times where I do not know why I feel bad. Why is that? I am also like that with my mom. Is anyone else this way? This is another thing I want to…

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2 thoughts on “That “NO” Word

  1. Your “no” can be based on rational ethical and moral reasons. You should be able to explain your “no” to a loved one, and so help them understand your position.

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