Heart VS Mind

Heart VS Mind

When there is a power struggle between what your mind tells you and how your heart feel. Sometimes it is hard to make choice because of the conflict between the two.

Some people will say always go with you mind. They say if your mind is constantly telling you should then follow your mind.

Then some people say you should follow your heart. How you feel inside will never steer you wrong go with the feelings of the heart.

Then it is the back and forth of making the right choice.

The power struggles

The conflict

The battle

Heart VS Mind

Mind VS Heart

Thank You For Reading.

5 thoughts on “Heart VS Mind

  1. We need to get to the bottom of this, don’t we? No one should have to put up with this conflict inside themselves. It’s bad enough to deal with it in other people.

    But what is “mind?” What is “heart?” I experience this, but I never learned to use these words.Maybe they mean different things to different people.

    For example: I am deeply in love with a woman. This is heart, right? But I call it, “how I feel.” I also recognize that this is a crazy unlikely relationship because she is 40 years younger. This is mind, right? But I call it, “how I think.”

    On this particular issue, mind and heart, thought and emotion, are not aligned. The challenge for the creative being that is ME is to get these two things to line up better. I cannot simply ignore either of these messages. What I need to do is understand them both better. For example, there is a spiritual component to this love that is unique for this person. There is also a physical attraction that I feel with many people. And on the analytical side of things, while the age difference makes the relationship “different” it does not make it “impossible.” There is NO WAY I can walk away from this relationship. I feel I must be true to my heart on this. But though I can make an effort, I may not be able to make it into a physical relationship. So my communications stress friendship and understanding. I recognize that a physical relationship may not make sense to her, but pledge my friendship regardless. In this way I give both heart and mind a place in my decision. They both have importance in life.


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