Last Goodbye…

Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said.

So, the last difficult goodbye I had to say was to my mom. She was battling kidney failure for twelve years. In the months of November and December of 2020 her health started to take a turn. Held on for two months. She was in hospice for a week and a half. It was two years ago and tomorrow would be the 2nd year anniversary of her passing. February 28th, 2021.

It was a very hard goodbye. Painful as I was there the whole time and watching her transition. That day is one I would not forget. Some of the things she went through is etched in my mind. The only thing is that I was able to have a last talk with her. Her words are also etched in my mind.

Losing a parent, the healing process is no easy task. Hell losing anyone the healing will not be easy. Keep telling myself not to be sad tomorrow but remember the good things.

Shoutout to those who have lost someone and is in the healing stage. Stay strong! Trust, I know it is not easy. One day at a time.

Kind of happy I let this out…. Such a difficult goodbye.

Blessings and Love! 🖤🤎💙💛💚💗🤍❤

Thank you for reading.


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