Idea, Business, Panic (LOL)

My Ideas, I panic sometimes!

So, a while back I wrote about me being an overthinker, over analyzer feeling that was this moment. Within the last week new ideas came to mind and I have been thinking like crazy. Also was thinking about starting a small business while trying to finish my book. I have no type of business plan set up or wrote out. Me and my ideas are all over the place. Wow needs to take a deep breath and think clear. I should be more worried about my book. I admit that I have been slacking a little the week before. I hope I can focus on one thing at a time because I just over think and really come up with some crazy stuff. I also so think that I can do it all at once and by myself at that. Slow down lady lol. Whew I do too much. Good thing is I said I was going to write more, try to everyday and get my book done. During all this I am trying my hardest not to panic…. Take it a day at a time… Breath…. You got it!

Thank You For Reading!

3 thoughts on “Idea, Business, Panic (LOL)

  1. I can relate. I have some ministry and entrepreneurial ideas, at the same time wanting to publish my book that I’ve been putting off. I over analyze and get stuck in the paralysis of analysis.

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