I Smile II

I Smile II

I smile to keep from crying

Even when too, much is going on around me

I smile to hide my true self from people

I smile it is better than a wet and sad face

I smile pretending, do not want anyone to know

I smile to try to get through the day

I smile while wanting to get away

And with all that and more

I smile!

Thank you for reading.

Not really a smile, Kisses!

12 thoughts on “I Smile II

  1. I think the best reason to smile is because it acts as a gift to those around you.

    You might feel like crap, but if you aren’t with someone right now who has agreed to be there for you and help you through the crap, then you might as well smile. It’s likely to make YOU feel better, too!

    I would never worry about the deceitful aspects of smiling. Give it as the gift that it is. If you can’t honestly give a smile, there is probably a good reason for it, either in you or in your environment. Find out what that reason is so you can start honestly smiling again!


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