Hello everyone! Welcome to February. How was your month of January? if you follow me then you know mine has been not too good. Looking and hoping to change that this month. Praying for guidance, understanding, patience, love, and happiness. I hope your month of February brings you love, healing, happiness, guidance, and blessings. I hope that this month is better than the last. I am keeping faith and hope and keeping my head held high. Things are hectic at the moment, but I stay prayed up! Oh, a good thing is my son turns eleven this month YAYYYYY!!! February 2021 is here. What do you have planned this month? Any new goals for the month?

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “February!

  1. Both December and January were roller coaster rides for me. I do not expect February to be that much different, as there are several harmful lies plaguing this planet at this time that still need to be resolved.

    I wish my young friend could be more here for me, but she has chosen, so far, to fight her own battles under her own power, and I have to respect that.

    Many don’t know what to believe and are afraid that the truth might turn out different than what they have always believed or accepted. All I can say is, the more you can learn about the truth ahead of when it walks up to you and hits you in the face, the more likely you are to survive that event!

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