A Thought…

Okay, so I have a thought and not good like I seriously dislike the person I had kids with like I really wish I can go back in time and change it all meeting him and everything. I hate him and yes it’s a strong word but don’t care about him. So much bad blood. Ugghh why did I have to meet him and spend so many years with the dummy. And still, have to be because of the kids. Even though that is a battle, and he doesn’t take care of them. Guess I was the dummy for real, venting again sorry for the bluntness but that is how I feel. I really have hate for him. Sometimes wish I didn’t feel this way but I do. Oh Well. Feels

Sometimes too much to freaking deal with and no help no nothing. Tired of it

I am thinking tooooo much out loud…..Whatever! lol

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “A Thought…

  1. Sister, sending lots golf love we! You are amazing, dont let anyone tell you different. We can never go back in time. As hard as it seems, I go with the position, what was, is meant to be. Be kind to yourself. We grow and evolve, and you are still here doing a grand job as a mum, so your decision making is 👌🏾. Our energy is best spent creating the future we desire and hope for. May your joy be abundant!

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  2. thats life i used to have a wife
    and now i see her
    and she s a stranger
    she means nothing to me
    and no
    i would not marry her
    if i had the preverbial mulligan
    ur not alone
    in these thoughts

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