Having power

When you hear this word what does it mean to you? Does it mean wealthy and successful to you? Does it mean being a bully to you? Does it mean having it all, getting it by any means? To me, I see it both ways people use it when they are rich and have it all and some use it to get over on people and hurt them.

There were times when I heard a few people say I have the power to do whatever I want, the power to get what I need. They say they always get what they want, no matter what it takes. I often wonder what the hell do they mean by that. Does it mean that things go away when money is involved or will they try to buy you, manipulate, blackmail you? It makes you think without power where would some people really be? What they career would be like without power. Money and power are most often used for evil in my opinion greed get to people and they feel invincible. I could be wrong but never knew of someone who used money or power for good. Again, I might be wrong lol just my opinions. Maybe they do to cover up their wrongdoings I do not know. Or maybe I watch too much tv and read a lot of books. I feel like any person in any career field can possess a sense of power when it comes to their job and how they go about doing it. Or having sensitive information on people

I think that me from time to time being controlling is a sense of power. I want everyone to listen to what I say and do what I say, it is not a strong sense of power but a little of it. It is with family not used to make people do what they do not want to or hurt them.

If you had power and were rich, what will you do with it? Will it be used for evil or good?

Just a thought tonight. What do you think about having too much power?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

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