New Ideas

So lately I have been thinking about creating my own journals and notebooks. I have some designs and logos that I have ready. As well as new ideas for the notebooks. The problem is I seriously do not know where to start. I want to have journals and notebooks as well as pens to sell. I am clueless about how to get started. Been wanting to get into crafts and stationery that people will love, want to start a business.

Does anyone have any advice, tips on what direction to look? This is something I am very interested in and want to have a business that does well. A lot of thinking today told myself to be patient with this. What to do? HELP LOL

Any tips will help.

Blessings everyone

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “New Ideas

  1. The easiest things is to make an account on a Print On Demand site.
    Teespring, RedBubble, Printify and many more.

    Have you ever tried that or do you know that type of concept?
    Basically, you upload your design on several apparel items. The company will take care of printing and shipping and you will get a certain percentage of the profit.

    Hope that helps!

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  2. Jack Spyrko is interested in helping people get economically independent and has several podcast interviews regarding publishing, such as this one:

    Of course there are many others out there also putting out data about this.

    Another I follow in Tom Woods (because of his stand on freedom and the pandemic):

    I myself have not tried to follow this path. I got a skill then worked regular jobs. But that scene is not as happy as it was when I was working, and more people now are finding the level of freedom they seek using “side gigs” or being self-employed.

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