Came across this and liked the words. Wanted to share these two.

When you read these what are your thoughts. Do you agree with the poems/quotes
or disagree?

In the first picture, I somewhat agree with it. Loving a damaged person
takes patience, gentleness, and a lot of love. they have been hurt maybe too
many times, so they try to keep people they meet at a distance and with their
guard up. I also feel and understand it all too well.

The second picture I agree with 100%. I feel some people cover up that side
of them well with a big smile on their faces. Hiding/masking the pain they do
not want anyone to see it. That can be a good or terrible thing.

Just my thoughts tonight. Would like to know what others think.

Have a good one. Blessings and Love.

Thank you for reading.


1 thought on “W.N.T-4-20-22

  1. There are a lot of “damaged people” on this planet!

    I personally think that a broader view of us as spiritual beings is needed.

    I know one woman (a unique woman, but a human being none the less) that remembers different lives being Japanese, Indian, Persian, African, Russian, southern white American, and is now a northern white American. In her experience she has been raped, had her husband killed in front of her, lost loved ones to various kinds of racism, and found a path to enlightenment.

    I know how difficult it can be to be around someone who feels they have been damaged. I am in a relationship with such a person. Someone in that frame of mind is not really prepared to confront the true breadth of human experience. But it is there, and the path they took is one reason they feel damaged today.

    We have an enormous healing project on our hands if we want to heal the people of Earth. Living with each other in our current state is so difficult! But I think we can make it through and that love between us can prevail. Broken hearts can be mended.

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