My Wednesday Night

Tonight, I feel like I am over thinking and over analyzing over a person and a situation. The situation is making me want to write a rage 3. Here we go again!

Have you ever had that feeling that something is meant to be? Or

You constantly think of someone or something and think what if? Or

Should I have made that choice? Should I have gave that person a chance?

My feelings tonight, of course I had to let it out…. (About to burst)

Wow so many mixed emotions tonight, sorry I am all over the place. As always, a certain somebody is on my mind, yes still thinking about him every day. As of a couple months ago we have not been really talking, but I do get random texts from him and it gets me excited. When I respond to the text, I do not get a reply, then weeks later another text and the same thing. Like damn it is getting on my damn nerves. I keep telling myself to let him go and try not to think about him. But then I also tell myself to let him know how I feel, quit being scared and get it over with. Or ask him how he feels about me I feel like a teenaged girl and weird. Should I be feeling this way at my age?  do not know why I get so nervous about him. Damn. Tired of him being on my mind, in my thought and feelings and not knowing where we stand. It must be a reason why I am always thinking of him, this is my third post about my feelings for him, ugh craziness. Then I think about what if he does feel the same way as me, should we date? Should we try for a relationship? All sorts of thoughts going through my head and maybe because I might be afraid to fall in love, yes, I like him a lot, but I am still unsure when it comes to loving someone and being in a relationship do not know if I am ready or not. My heart is so guarded, and I tell myself to take a chance, go for it. Put it all out on the line what is the worst that can happen? Again, I need to quit being scared about the situation. Well leaning towards asking him take it from there. This love thing is crazy and probably not for me, but we shall see. Wish me luck. Tell me am I the only one? Again, feeling weird about it. What should I do? Help!

Thank you for reading.

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1 thought on “My Wednesday Night

  1. haunted and taunted
    by desire
    lust in that dust
    b ut she said it plain
    friend not lover
    again and again
    so wake up
    uh uh
    honey no!
    just so


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