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Turkey Hands

Crafting! #JustWrite

today craft idea is Turkey Hands!

My mom and my kids did turkey hands and they loved it. I have posted pictures of there project they are so cute. I have posted a link to a site where there are great craft ideas for thanksgiving for kids. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to like, comment, and share. Thank you.

18 Thanksgiving Inspired Hand Turkey Crafts For Kids (

Holiday Season


Holiday Season!

It is the holidays! Are you excited about it or not? I am and its very unusual for me because I am not always in a good mood around the holidays, no holiday spirit. For some reason despite what is going on in this world at this moment I feel joyful. I am ready to start decorating, cook, eat, spend time with family and friends, play fun games, and do holiday arts and crafts. Also, I am so ready to go Christmas shopping, I have so many great gift ideas for those close to me. I am ready to get the shopping done and out the way. What are your favorite things to do during the holiday season? The first for me is spending time with family, being around the ones you love and receiving love is the best feeling ever just to be around each other. Another thing for me is eating lol of course and this year I have been thinking about making new desserts. Any ideas? Any good recipes I should try? Pies been on my mind lately but do not know where to start, hopefully I figure it out soon. Help please! I am looking forward to having a great time. No negativity for me this holiday season. I want my kids, family, friends, and myself to be happy and enjoy ourselves. Hope you have a blessed and safe and healthy holiday this year filled with happiness, joy, and love. Thank you for reading.


Christmas 2020!  Shopping!

Yes, it is still early November and I have already made a post about thanksgiving and me ready to cook and ready to eat. Now I am thinking about Christmas also, from decorations, seeing family and of course shopping for gifts. My kids been telling me what they want, and I am excited to shop. I have so many ideas for decorating the tree and my apartment. I also have good craft ideas and toy ideas for my kids, that I know they will love. I am on a couple of websites and trying to make sure I will get everyone on my list. Hopefully, I can find what I need and want, cannot forget about myself lol. Cannot wait till I see those big smiles on those faces that I love and care when they open gifts. Is there anybody else that has started Christmas shopping and getting ready to? Ready to shop and give back. Your thoughts please. Thanks for your time.


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Early November

It is early November and Thanksgiving is already on my mind. I am thinking of the foods I want to cook and what I can’t wait to eat. Ready for food and Family. My favorite is Ham and Sweet Potatoes also Macaroni. Oh can’t forget the delicious desserts man man man I can not wait till that day. As I am writing and thinking about Thanksgiving I am getting hungry. Who else is ready for Thanksgiving and what are some foods/desserts you like and who are you interested in seeing? Just a thought at the moment and I #JustWrite!. Enjoy!!!

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