Venting Tonight

Venting tonight….Ugh

So yesterday had been a long day seemed like it dragged off. The only good thing was that it was my son birthday, he turned 11 and yes, I feel old lol. I also started my gratitude journal yesterday and I told myself that I will try it for a while see how I like it. I hate that besides those two things I have been moody all day and wanted to stay in my bed. The situation with my mom’s health is taking its toll on me. Awfully bad news and I do not know how to process it all. My emotions are all over the place and I have just been down lately. Heart is heavy but praying for the best and praying for strength, guidance, understanding, healing, and patience. I know that it will be a process and it will be hard for me and my family and I have to be strong for us all. Just too much going on and I am feeling overwhelmed and just want to shut down.

Sorry if you feel like this is a negative post but I have to get my feeling out. Losing someone or knowing you are going to lose them hurts I am sad and really do not know what to do. I am so lost, hurt and confused. This is hard and wanted to vent for a while. I know some things I post might be too much for some, but I am the type to say how I really feel. My thoughts, my feelings, letting it all out. I thank you all for the support. I thank you for reading.

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