Back to school!

Back to school!!

Morning all, how is it going?

So excited at the moment and yes, a little nervous. My son will be starting middle school, the sixth grade in a week. Today he has a half a day for orientation. Do not know why I am very nervous, but I am even though it is just orientation lol. I cannot believe that I have a child in middle school. Time is going by fast, and they are growing, something that I can’t stop lol. It is a beautiful yet scary thing for me. Crazy. Maybe I am that parent that will not be able to let go.

Even though I feel anxious I am happy for my son. Starting a new grade and at a new school is exciting and a new experience. I am sure he will do great. My daughter will start fifth grade and she is excited also to start the new school year. My kids are growing up and love it (And Scared).

Shout out to all parents who are homeschooling or sending their kids back to school. It is not easy especially with everything going on in this world, but we do what we must for our children. No matter what! Praying for our children that they are safe and praying for strength and guidance.

Are you ready for back to school? Do you feel it is challenging this year? Hope you all have a good day. Blessings! 💙🖤

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Back to school!

  1. I favor home schooling as most teachers no longer know how to help children learn what they need to learn to become good adults. Some still want to do this, but may be hampered by insane curricula or other restrictions.

    But if your children have to go to a public school, expect to remain very involved with their educational experience. There will be conflicts, there will be gaps, there will be misplaced importances. They may even be given data that is not true. The most important thing you can help your kids with is how to study. A good dictionary is a key part of this, as they will encounter words they are unfamiliar with.

    Good luck with your children!

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