Taboo Subject

*Write about a taboo subject you find to be taboo in our society.

A subject that I feel that is taboo in our society is mental health/Illness. I know that there are many people dealing with mental health issues and are scared to talk about it. Feeling ashamed about how they are feeling and about what they are going through. It is a tough topic to discuss I feel due to others judging and being mean about it. Some people look at you differently and treat you differently due to your mental illness. It happens to a lot of people, who suffers in silence and have no one to talk to or no support because they feel people would look down on them. It is crazy because that is true, some people feel that others should not be down, depressed or have anxiety or any other kind of mental illness. I have actually met a few people like this. Maybe because their life is put together. I don’t know. Mental health/illness is an important subject, everyone deserves to be happy and have support when they need help. Also, it is important to seek help no matter what others think. It is hard and you might feel like you are being a burden, but getting help and healing is key. I would never understand why talking about what is going on with you is a problem, to families, friends anybody. Including myself or why some cannot or won’t accept it.

Trust, I know about this all too well. It took me years to express any of my feelings or talk about what I was going through and really feeling. I did it first by writing down my feelings, my rage and then why I was feeling that way, I know this method will not always work for others. I also talk to my sister about some stuff. Still, I get from time-to-time people who laugh about it, my feelings, or if I talk about having anxiety or depression. They think that I am dumb or weak for feeling the way that I do. It is hard to find somebody who genuinely care about your well-being, or mental stability. I am not saying that it is another person responsibility for your happiness just would be great to a have a little support on your process of healing. Some kindness or keep their thoughts to themselves would be cool. We all need to find something that helps us, soothe us in a good way. And not doing things in a bad way that can further hurt us.

Everybody needs somebody and I honestly didn’t use to think like this. I always thought that I should handle everything on my own. Sometimes still do, hard to ask for help and something I need to work on.

I wish that more people can be themselves and if they need the help seek it. My thoughts about mental health, it’s hard to deal with. I really do think this is a taboo subject. What do you think? Agree? Disagree

I would love to hear more thoughts about this subject.

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


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