Love Languages

Hello my blog peeps!

When you hear about love languages, what to do you think about them?

Some people show different types of way that they love some can be called love languages. It can be a way they love or what they want from others. Love languages is for all types of relationships and what people want out of each other. There are five types of love languages that people have and can have multiple ones.

Affirmation is a love language in which a person would like to hear words that affirm how you feel about them, also they want to hear that they are loved. This love language is verbal and emotional. Some people need words of affirmation, and it helps them feel loved.

Physical touch a love language where people like to be connected by touch. Weather it is a simple touch, hugging, kissing and more. They want that physical touch. Some people show love by their physical touch and some want physical touch to feel love.

Quality time is a love language where you want to spend time with a love one. You want to share the day with them and feel connected trough bonding with one another. Quality time is a good way to show you love someone by wanting to be around them weather it’s a laid-back day or a fun day. You enjoy their company. This is a good love language.

Acts of service is a love language in which a person wants to show their love by doing anything they can to help you when in need and sometimes when you are not, they do it because they enjoy it. Some people like to show this, and some would like to have it.

Gifting is a love language that can be both giving and receiving. Giving gifts to put a smile on someone’s face and wanting to have something from you, your heart is good. There are some that likes to gift to show love and appreciation. And there are some who likes to receive gifts.

I do believe that there can be many more ways to show love of course. Many types of love languages.

For me, my love language is quality time. Weather it is with my family or an intimate relationship. I like to spend time with loved ones. Fun and games, movie nights, good conversations. I feel quality times is important in any relationship. Another love language I have is physical touch and this is in an intimate relationship I like to show a person affection by touch.

Do you have one of more of these love languages? Which One?

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


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