If you can…

If you could pick any three animals to be for a day, months what would they be. These can be extinct, mythical, any animal you want.

The first animal I would want to be is a lioness in the jungle. Lioness in my eyes are fierce, strong, bold, beautiful. They take pride in what they do. I would be a lioness for a day, maybe wreak havoc. LOL! True protecters indeed.

My second choice animal is a butterfly and all because I just love them so much.

The third-choice animal I would want to be is a Phoenix. I love what they represent. I love how they look and are amazing creatures.

I also asked my two kids what three animals they would be.

My son answers are: Moa-Bird, Saber tooth tiger because they ae big and strong, and Gorilla because they are the king of the jungle.

My daughter answers are: Any cat small or big, she loves cats. An ostrich and T-Rex because she says they are beautiful, leaders and even though they are extinct they SLAY!

What are your three animals that you would like to be? Or What animals are your favorite?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


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