Hay Happy Wednesday

Hello people! Happy Wednesday!

It has been some days and I haven’t been writing, but here I am back at it. Last week was a crazy week and my weekend was busy. Went on a trip with my family and did not get a chance to write. How are you all doing today? Want to talk about the trip and my thought and feeling of course.

Weekend Trip

So, on Saturday morning my mom, my sister, and my brothers myself and our kids drove to Kansas City Missouri, a 6- 8-hour drive. Yeah, we lost the Super Bowl this past Sunday, but it’s still GO Chiefs!! Okay back to it lol the reason for our trip was for our mom to see her family she really wanted to see her dad. It was a nice trip although it was a short one. I was happy to see my grandpa it has been about 5 years since I last seen him so that was cool. Also seeing my cousins who I have not seen in over 10 years (Crazy) even though we didn’t get a chance to hangout seeing their faces and talking to them for a little bit was great. Even though the long drive with kids had my anxiety at a high I enjoyed the trip. I was happy that my mom got to see her family and her home so overall it was cool.

My emotions are still everywhere but I am dealing with it. Taking it one day at a time and doing my breathing exercises. Like I stated above I have not been writing, so I am going to try to write an entry for my gratitude journal, and then write and focus on my book. I have been slacking too much lately and I need to get back into my groove. Still stuck on a chapter for the book but I will push through and make it happen. Also going over my monthly goals and probably add more and make some adjustments. Due to what is going on and me thinking about the unknown I am trying to keep busy and not think too much. What are your plans for the day? Remember to love yourself always and love those close to you. Wish you all Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings.

Thank you for reading.

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