This feeling again, UGH

Feeling this Again…..

This feeling again, damn maybe I just need to talk to this man and let my feeling be known. another damn night I am spending with him on my mind. It has been like this for days and do not know why. This man probably does not even think about me or care about me but here my stupid self is just in my feelings about him. Sometimes I think I should pickup the phone and call him to hear his voice, I really want him beside me, but oh well. Wish I can get him off my mind, like seriously. Thinking out loud and very emotional, man getting attached and getting your feelings involved sucks. Yes, I hate that I feel this way I feel like I cannot focus I just see him, I can not help it. I just wanted to let this out and I need to learn to keep my feelings in check. Damn, damn, damn this man, I think I am in love (OH MY). I am rambling, need help. What should I do?

Ugh this damn feeling again.

Thank you for reading.

#JustWrite #Love

1 thought on “This feeling again, UGH

  1. With study you should be able to learn to tell between someone who just knows how to pull your strings and someone who is genuine and worth giving a try.


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