Rough Day…..

Rough day yesterday!

Yesterday was a hard day for me. I had to take a moment for myself. I sat on my bed rocking back and forth and taking deep breaths. Minutes before that I was in attack mode. I felt hurt and just rage and wanted to do damage to that person. Ugh I do not like having this feeling and I am glad I walked away because the way I was feeling was madness and did not want to do anything stupid. So, I had to take some deep breaths and put on some music to calm myself. I hate that I let someone get the best of me and got me out of control for a minute. I also had to pray for strength, I was a different person and had to check myself really quick. Right now, I am still a little upset, but happy the situation is over and nothing bad happened. I kept it cool. Very thankful and proud of myself for having the strength to walk away.

I will continue to pray for strength and guidance. Really trying to have peace, get to my happiness. Have you ever been in a scary situation before? How did you deal with it?

Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Rough Day…..

  1. Dear Ray’Elaine oh yes I can RELATE totally to what you were feeling & thinking. I basically do exactly what you did. Rock myself & breathe. I ask the Universe to take my rage & frustration away.
    I live in Housing & it is difficult because so many different personailites. All up in my business when I don’t want them to be & when I actually NEED help, no one to be seen for miles…
    The main person responsible for me ending up in Housing is now across the hall at a young woman who I try to watch over…she is like a Daughter to me. But now she is with this dude, I can’t speak out…So I AM frustrated. And I feel ‘bested’ as you put it. Then I realize I have the choice to swell on the crappola part of Life OR see the things I can be grateful for…..
    That helps me from REALLY losing my cool.
    I send you a gentle {{hug}} & BellaDharma sends healing **purrss**
    Sincerely Sherri-Ellen

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