I Vent…

I Vent….

Doesn’t it just suck when we want what we can not have. Wanting someone or something when you know its wrong it just sucks. Damn this guy from my past has been on my mind lately and I do not know why. I know he is no good for me. We have never been in a relationship or together like that, but I know that he is seriously bad news. But why in the hell do I think about him or want him?  Damn crazy and I try not to think about him. Sometimes I think about what could be or what a relationship between the two of us would look like. I just see his sexy face and sexy voice oh my oh my. I seriously need to stop; can you say annoyed lol. But he is serious on my mind, and he do not know how I feel SMH. Oh Boy! My feelings at the moment, I vent…..

Have a happy Monday!!!!

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “I Vent…

  1. In this universe, when you try to resist a person or an idea coming in towards you, it tends to pull them in harder! It’s a strange universe! I think the universe is crazier than we are.

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