I feel like I am trapped inside a nightmare

My heart is racing like crazy, thoughts swirling in my head

I am trapped

I feel like I can not move something is

Keeping me still, blank stare, tuning everything out

I am trapped

Pleading that someone wake me up

I am feeling trapped I cannot speak

Again, blank stare, wanting to say something

But cannot mouth will not move, shut closed tight

I am trapped

Feeling dizzy, full of anxiety

What the hell is going on?

I am trapped looking for a way to escape

Trapped all the way around in my mind life

I am trapped

Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. Being trapped is a very real experience in the past of almost all of us. There are even technologies out there that can trap a spirit who is not inhabiting a body! Feeling trapped is the opposite of feeling free. And while a body can be trapped and die, Spirit cannot be unless it allows itself to believe that it can be.

    I made a drawing once when I was young that illustrates this feeling. It is in this post:

    If you ever want to use any of my drawings or photos to illustrate your posts, I don’t mind. Once I post something I made, I understand that I have shared it with the world.

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