I’m Trying(Writing Help)

I’m Trying (Writing helps)

Sometimes I irritate myself and do not like being negative. With so much going on I have been feeling all types of ways and I sometimes feel like it is too much to handle. Me writing my poems, short stories, and my inner thoughts I get some frustration out while writing. At first, I thought I would not get far with it but surprise I love it and it helps. The last couple of months been hectic and I am trying more and more to be happy and not let things get me down, I know I talk about it a lot but like I said getting it out helps me. Some posts are negative or dark some are how I feel, and some is just what I want to write about. I have become comfortable with myself and how I express myself over time and this week is no different more unpleasant news, so I have been in my notebook writing away, writing out my feelings. Bear with me people I am getting there and thank you for any support. What do you write about when you are sad? How do you cope when things are hectic? Hope you all are having a great weekend.  Again, I pray for better days. Thank you for reading.


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2 thoughts on “I’m Trying(Writing Help)

  1. I’ve had a couple of days when I wasn’t feeling really positive, but I was trying to write opposite to how I was feeling – it wouldn’t have been authentic. I respect your openess. Some days, I stayed away, other days, I have written instead about how I want to get out of that emotion space but from a third person perspective.

    It is all in the beauty of writing, our unique styles.


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