Loving Self!

Love Yourself

When you have to make choices that are good for you but will hurt someone, still choose you.

It doesn’t make sense to keep giving in to them or live how they want you to. Or give into a situation that is not good or safe. Give in to yourself, feed you and your soul

Love yourself better than you love anyone else. Be strong and make the right decisions

It is Your life, so the choice has to be made for you and your future

Give yourself all you got.

Make those hard choices and be a better you

The truth is honestly how can you love someone or something if first you don’t love yourself…

My thoughts and feelings tonight, self-love is very important. Please remember to be kind, caring, and loving to yourself. You matter!

Don’t let no one tell you otherwise.


Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Loving Self!

  1. This really is important! So many people give and give until there’s nothing left for themselves.. at some point you have to allow yourself to rest, recharge, and recover.
    Great post, Ray, be well!

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