W- Weary, Wrong, Wildness

R- Ready, Ripe, Rage

Angry, Antsy, Abandon, Annoyance

T- Temper, Tension, Tantrum, Thoroughbred

H- Hot-Head, Honest, Hostile, Heartless


A sin, this I know

Sometimes I let my wrath be


I can be wild with it

Wrath got me feeling

Raged, feeling I must be ready for anything

This wrath is


The feeling of being wronged

And abandoned damn

This temper is at a high

Oh no

Here she is being hot headed

This wrath got me


Away with how

Heartless I can be

Coldness with honesty attached

Me filled with annoyance

Wrath got me feeling


Tension built up


Hostile, weary

Sometimes so angry

Oh no

Here homegirl go with the


Wrath I see dark, want to hunt, and hurt

Wrath in play

Please move out the way


A sin I know

Feeling the wrath

Something I am working on.

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

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