Want to talk about intimacy and different types of intimacy. Also, my thoughts on it and what I want out of intimacy. Of course, the word intimacy in most people mind is just dealing with sex, but there is more to it and other ways to be intimate, and I want to discuss it. Not a professional just my thoughts on it!

First, I want to talk about having a partner in a relationship that you can go to and talk about anything, and I mean anything even on a subject you both do not agree on, you both can have a good discussion about the subject without arguing and fighting about it. This can be in a friendship also with family this is called intellectual intimacy. I would want this in any relationship I am in. Want to be able to talk to a person with complete honesty and not get judgement like I will do for others. A person who can hear what I am saying. Another type is spiritual intimacy a couple who are on the same page and believe the same thing when it comes to spiritually. That can be a good type of way to bond with your partner and a way to talk and heal each other when problems come up. Both having faith and willing to pray together. Praying for each other, building a strong connection through faith. Emotional intimacy is important too, being they’re for a person and having compassion is good. Listening and understanding, a shoulder to cry on. A person who cares if they hurt you or not, a person who protects your heart and you protect theirs. Physical intimacy is a type of intimacy with looking in each other eyes, touching, hugging, kissing, holding hands. Connection through physical touch and letting your partner know how much you love them. I would like all of these in relationship being grounded and strong with each other. Intimacy is not all about sex through these different types is how you can build in a relationship. Take the time to get to know each other on different levels, grow together. And have good communication just want to say that. Again, not a professional

What does intimacy mean to you? How do get to know a person? Do you agree with the types I listed above? Feel free to like, comment, and share.

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Intimacy!

  1. I would prefer to use “honesty” to describe a lot of these concepts.

    You can be “intimate” with a person who is not being honest with you. But that will not end well. Honesty is very important in maintaining any intimate relationship, but also in relationships in general. It is OK to not be that intimate with a co-worker or a relative, but it pays off well to be honest with them.

    Emotional maturity is important in honesty. It is hard to be honest with someone who cries every time you try to correct them, or snaps back at you. It’s like letting your kids believe in Santa Claus. They’ll (hopefully) grow out of it. Thus, you can be intimate with a child without expecting a similar level of maturity in return (although they will surprise you sometimes!). But trying to be honest and intimate with an immature adult can be total torture.

    Having an “intimate” intellectual or spiritual relationship can be very challenging. People very often don’t match up well regarding what they have studied or their religious beliefs and practices. People often marry within their religion just so this won’t be too great a problem.

    I currently am in a relationship with a woman who has a very different religious and intellectual upbringing and it is very challenging!

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