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Thursday Night Post

Just wanted to share this. Love the words. Hope you like it!

The New Year!

The New Year

Stepping into the new year I have some goals that I want to accomplish. I want to leave the unnecessary drama and heartache in 2020. Yes, I know I will not be able to control certain things, because things happen in life, I am hopeful. I told myself to pray more, I know that with God by my side anything is possible, and I have faith. One of my goals for the new year is to write more, and possible release my first book, I am motivated and reading to put my work out there. Another goal of mine that I have been praying on is to get closer with my family, and we are able to see each other and catch up. Hopefully, we can that will be great. I want to pray for healing of the world going into the new year, I know so much is going on in the world and everybody can use a little prayer. I pray that people can get their lives back on track. Also going into the new year, I hope that I make better decisions and be the best mother I can be and be my best. Again, praying for the best for everyone. Do you have goals for the new year? Are you ready for 2021? Do you have a new year resolution? Thank you for reading.

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Always Something

Always Something

Wow, man this day has been crazy. Today has been a long and stressful day just freaking scariness and craziness. I got calls that were unexpected and full of bad news. I feel like it is too much to deal with, feel suffocated and nowhere to go. I woke up happy in a good mood, very cheerful and then Boom it all goes to shit. I am shaking and can not stop crying and thinking too much. Just feel so out of control and hopeless. I do not like feeling this way at all, not being able to be there and help those who I love. It is too much going on in my life right now it is like I try to be happy and life pulls me back. I know that all I can do for now is pray about the situation and wish for the best. My head hurts, my heart hurts, and nobody to talk to about it, it has been a hard day I am just tired I will continue to pray. What to do? Just venting tonight. Too much on my mind.

Thank you for reading.