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Thursday Night Post

Just wanted to share this. Love the words. Hope you like it!



Snow falling, sweet memories

Hot chocolate in hand

Feeling cozy, feeling love

Watching the snowfall

Looking pretty and peaceful

Thinking of happy thoughts

With a warm heart

Snow falling, keeping me still, content

I love watching the snowfall

Fond of what it brings to my spirit

Love winter, Love snow

The beautiful snowfall!

Thanks for reading!

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The New Year!

The New Year

Stepping into the new year I have some goals that I want to accomplish. I want to leave the unnecessary drama and heartache in 2020. Yes, I know I will not be able to control certain things, because things happen in life, I am hopeful. I told myself to pray more, I know that with God by my side anything is possible, and I have faith. One of my goals for the new year is to write more, and possible release my first book, I am motivated and reading to put my work out there. Another goal of mine that I have been praying on is to get closer with my family, and we are able to see each other and catch up. Hopefully, we can that will be great. I want to pray for healing of the world going into the new year, I know so much is going on in the world and everybody can use a little prayer. I pray that people can get their lives back on track. Also going into the new year, I hope that I make better decisions and be the best mother I can be and be my best. Again, praying for the best for everyone. Do you have goals for the new year? Are you ready for 2021? Do you have a new year resolution? Thank you for reading.

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Bound by your love

Chained by your hold

Sitting here watching you and anticipating your touch

I need it, I want it

Chained by your hold

Wondering what is going to happen next

Starring in your eyes lustfully

Chained by your hold

Wanting you more and more

Begging for your touch, begging for your kiss

I am chained and bound by you

Your mind, your body, your love

Needing and wanting you

Waiting for you to break these chains!

Thank you for reading.

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