A Night With You!!

A Night With You!

All I want is a night with you

Just you and I, music, our bodies

A night with you our wild side

Meeting our hands all over each other

A night with you all I want

Let us dance in each other arms

No care in the world. Just us you and I

A night with you

Hot and steamy I want you bad, Need YOU!

Passion filled, lustful, exotic

A night with you, one I don’t want to end

All I want is a night with you my King!

Hope you enjoy!

Thank You For Reading!

3 thoughts on “A Night With You!!

  1. May I write a response? Send directly to you, with your permission of course.

    I got some inspiration from what you wrote 😊

    If you check my page, you can see my range of work.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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