Too Good to be TRUE..

Too good to be true…

So tonight, I am sitting and thinking. And of course, this damn dude is on my mind. Like what the fuck, why? My emotions are everywhere and yes, I am a little tipsy and besides what I am dealing with I am thinking of him. Again why? Oh, my yall I am irritating my damn self at the moment. Cannot help but to think is this real? Does he really feel the same way I do, shit does he really like me? Here I go feeling young-minded and questioning myself and the situation instead of letting it all go and that is not good. Just feel confused and out of it, maybe I should just walk away and forget it all thought it was what I wanted but I do not know now. I have mixed emotions and we are both dealing with things. That is why I do not like putting my feelings out there I feel dumb and used it to benefit them talk and texting on their time. Thinking yeah it is too good to be true. Just wish I could find realness, real love besides what I can offer. Ugh it's

too good to be true and I am pissed off. I really need a friend and love I feel dumb and stupid and I am thinking why me why I cannot get what I give. Venting, thinking, and letting it all out, I am rambling, ugh irritated though.

Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Too Good to be TRUE..

  1. All I can say for sure is: You aren’t alone!

    But if you want to get back to what’s real, then make it more real!
    One way is to turn it into a written story. Don’t leave any important detail out! Who said what? Who did what? What else was going on around you? What specific points remain unknown or misunderstood?

    For some, words aren’t enough. You can make non-artistic sketches of the situation. Beyond that you can use toy figurines or dolls or play-doh to make it more real.

    If something is bothering you, that’s a good sign that you need to really deal with it. Don’t just walk away from it or try to forget. Make it more real! And then the “unrealities” in it should diminish.

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