Sometimes in life, we have to fight

Fight for ourselves, fight for those we love

Those we protect

Fight for what we want

Fight for love, our peace

For Justice

Fight for happiness

Fight tough battels

Fight tough addictions

Fighting hard

Fight for the dreams we desire

Fight for the right job

In life, we fight

Fight hard

Fight off your bad thoughts, bad energy

Fight off those who try to bring you down

Fight and more fighting


Get to the top, in any which way you can

Or feel

Fight hard

Fight demons, fight predators

Fight time

Fight people

Fight our inner selves

Fight temptation

Fight the ugliness of the world

Sometimes in life we

Just keep fighting

Sometimes we have no choice

But, to fight

Fight through it all.


Thank you for reading.

***And I AM A FIGHTER!!!!

***Much love all


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