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Another Life

In another life

I still will want to be me

Independent and strong

In another life

I still we be a leader

Pride and courageous

In another life

Take the darkness with the light

Surviving through days

With blur nights

In another life

Still, take me as I am

Beautiful and flawed

In another life

I still will blossom

Riding my own wave

Still will be me

In another life

Because those things are what made me

I will still shine

In another life!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


Cheers to me!

Celebrate turning an new age
35 years young and proud
Shining bright, joyful
Cheers to me
Blood, sweat, and tears
I am still here
Strong and courageous
Beautiful and talented
Cheers to me
On this mission
Happy, peaceful
Doing what I want
Cheers to me
As I continue to
Pursue my dreams
Flying high, feeling good
Cheers to me
Such a journey
Through the good and bad
Has been good to me
A unique soul inside me
I celebrate me
A Leo queen it’s
Cheers to me

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading

35 and FINE!!