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Still can’t believe it! She going to keep at it. Dedication, hard work and Lots of Passion. I’m thankful for it all. More to come from Ray’Elaine.

WIP…. Always

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Books! Poetry!

Books! Poetry!

Hello all

Sitting here thinking bout publishing my own poetry books and other books I have in the works. Love poetry and writing it on all types of topics and ready to write a poetry book. Honestly, I do not know where to start, I have some poems that I want in the book, but no title yet and it is something I have been brainstorming on for days.

So, no title, no cover designs, layout, and of course no idea on how to go about self-publishing it. So going to do some major research and see where that leads me. Want to get this poetry book out then continue to work on my other books and get those published as well.

My night consists of a lot of thinking, some research and of course writing. Trying to figure it all out and move forward with all my projects. Got so much going on right now. Whew BREATHE. I will get it done make things happen do the work that is necessary. Nervous about it but I got this. HELP LOL

Write, think, revise, write, chill that is my night. How is your night going? I hope it's good. Peace, Love, Happiness, and Blessings.


Thank you for reading.

Poetry Book!!

Hello everyone, how’s the night and weekend treating you?

Tonight, I am working on my poetry book. I finally came up with a title for my book. It should have been done by now, but I had to change some things. Also decided to add to it. Hopefully, one more week or less, and it would be ready to publish. So excited it would be my second book published. I still have to edit it and design a book cover. So, for the rest of this weekend that is what I will be working on. Going to stay busy until it is finished.

Going to be writing a few more poems and doing some formatting. It is such a busy weekend. Hard work is at hand. Always focused.

Have any projects you working on? Any books in the works? Are you meeting your goals? Are you writing?

Hope your weekend is great to you. Wishing you all luck with what you are working on. Keep your head up and stay focused. Happy Writing. Much Love!


Thank you for reading.

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Thank you to everyone who supports me!