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Numb… — Just Write

At this point I feel helpless, hopeless, soul less. Feel numb to it all my days and nights are a blur. I am constantly pacing and can not focus. Music helps a little. Heart is steadily racing and thinking the worst. It is really bad cause I don’t have anyone to talk to and I […]

Numb… — Just Write

The feeling of this tonight. Praying on it……. And more praying!

What A Day. Hope yours was better. Blessings!

Have a goodnight everyone!!!

Thank you

Heal (Trying)


Trying to heal and be okay with myself deep down inside. I want to be happy and I know that I will not heal over night. I read books of inspiration and also read inspirational quotes.

This process is hard but I am willing to try hard to overcome everything. Shout out to all of those who been there and made it back from it. And to those who are fighting battles and trying their hardest to overcome them. We got this. Prayer and guidance.

I have included in this blog some quotes on healing. I like them.

Thank you for reading.

It is not. It will take some time. Be Patience. I know I am!

Whew. These last couple days….


Have you ever felt like you wanted to take someone’s pain away? You wish you can do more for them? That is my feelings lately. at the moment I feel helpless and I can not make the situation better. There is nothing I can do and speechless. I am praying that it gets better. I do not like feeling this way, I am not in control. Besides feeling helpless I feel lost and confused also do not know what to do. I haven’t’ really been eating or sleeping the last couple days just be up pacing and thinking since I got bad news. Heart is heavy and I have vent about it. It is too much going on right now. Praying and more praying, having faith. Lord give me strength and heal my family. My thoughts, my feelings letting it out. I thank you for reading.

Whew. Woww. BREATHE