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Your Dream!

Your Dream!

Never say what you can not do. Never say your dreams can not come true.

Train yourself, train your mind to know and understand that you can do anything you set your mind to. Work hard and have faith. Take the necessary steps that are needed to fulfill your wants in life and pursue your dreams. Yes, sometimes it can be scary putting yourself out there and taking risks, but if you do not do that then you will never know what could have happened. You must believe in yourself, believe in the process because getting to your dreams may not be an easy road. Have people who love you and who are there to help and support you and you do the same for them. Having support is important whether it is for personal or business it’s great to have a loving person around. Put the work in and work hard for what is yours. You are the one who holds the key to your success. I have in the past got in my own m way and had to learn to trust and have believe in myself, build me up. I have also learned that stuff does not happen overnight you have to have patience. Motivated is another part of wanting your dream to be motivated every day and ready to make it happen, be dedicated. If you are not motivated to do this it will not work out. Practice your craft, over and over if need be feeling it, breathing it, and claiming it. Prove it to yourself first then the world. Live your life live your dream. You can do it. Always believe in your dream always believe in yourself.

Blessings and Love! Have Faith and Believe!

Thank you for reading.

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I’m Trying(Writing Help)

I’m Trying (Writing helps)

Sometimes I irritate myself and do not like being negative. With so much going on I have been feeling all types of ways and I sometimes feel like it is too much to handle. Me writing my poems, short stories, and my inner thoughts I get some frustration out while writing. At first, I thought I would not get far with it but surprise I love it and it helps. The last couple of months been hectic and I am trying more and more to be happy and not let things get me down, I know I talk about it a lot but like I said getting it out helps me. Some posts are negative or dark some are how I feel, and some is just what I want to write about. I have become comfortable with myself and how I express myself over time and this week is no different more unpleasant news, so I have been in my notebook writing away, writing out my feelings. Bear with me people I am getting there and thank you for any support. What do you write about when you are sad? How do you cope when things are hectic? Hope you all are having a great weekend.  Again, I pray for better days. Thank you for reading.


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Drifting off into a daze

Thinking of a better situation

Daydreaming of a better life

Drifting off trying to

Find a place where I belong

Daydreaming of my happy place if any

Drifting off wondering

What is to come, what is to happen?

Daydreaming of my future

Drifting off just to not think

Daydreaming of what can be

Thank you for reading.