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Sunday Night!! — Just Write

This Sunday Night!!! Wanted to share enjoy!

My mind wants you My body craves you Need you near me Send me in overdrive And love my body right Baby you can have all of me, I want all of you Baby I need you this Sunday night. Thanks for reading!

Sunday Night!! — Just Write

A Fragrance

A Fragrance!


How many of you have a certain fragrance that you love that the smell brings calm to you. Every time you smell it, it brings you to a happy place, a place of peace. A fragrance you must have no matter what lotions, creams, lip balms, perfumes, body mist, candles, and more.

For me it is the scent Warm Vanilla Sugar. Yes, I love that scent. And sometimes makes me want sugar cookies lol. It is a fragrance that I have to have the lotion and body cream, and bath bomb and shower gel.  I don’t know it just feel and smell good and makes me feel the same way. Maybe I am weird though lol. I currently use the Warm Vanilla Sugar body cream from bath and body works and leaves me feeling wonderful.

What is your favorite scent/fragrance? Is it a must have? Just sitting and thinking of my favorite things and this came to mind. What yall think?

Thank you for reading.

Writing and Editing!

Writing and Editing Night!!

Hello, my fellow writers/bloggers how is it going tonight? Me?

My night consists of editing as well as writing. I have been working on this book for almost two years and I still do not have a tittle for my book but still letting the pen flow. The editing part was giving me a headache, but I like to always go back to some chapters to make changes and to make sure the story flows together. After a 2 hour edit session (times fly when you are busy working) I feel good about what I have so far. Taking a little break maybe a joint and some wine lol then it is back to writing. Also working on character development so it is a busy night, but I do not mind it at all.

After all writing is my passion and I love it when ideas and writing come together for me. Enjoying this night. Happy writing! Blessings!

Thank you for reading.



I challenge myself daily, pushing myself and family to always to do what is right and be on top of things. Goals are important to me and I ty to accomplish them. I do my best to be a good leader, parent, daughter, sister, and friend. Learning along the way and still challenging the inner me.

I love to out do myself if that makes sense lol try to do things over and better. Challenge the inner me and surviving.

It is a challenge daily. Yes indeed! And I am all for it.

Have a good one.

Thank you for reading.

Positive Day

Positive Day

On this day I will be better than I was yesterday. I feel at peace at the moment, and I want to remain that way throughout the day. Positive thinking, positive mindset. I will not let anyone take me out my character and stoop to their level. I am in control over the way I respond, and act and I will be happy. Put a smile on my face and carry on with the day. Again happy, positive mindset today. I am thankful for this day, have everything I need, I’m writing and enjoying it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. If you are not, I hope it gets better and I want to tell you to keep your head up and keep pushing through. Pray about it, have faith. Wishing you all the best, Peace, Love, Happiness, and Blessings. Have a good one.

Thank you for reading.

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It Is Up To You (Life)

It is up to you (Life)

Life is full of challenges

It is up to you to how you face them or handle them

Life is full of choices

It is up to you to make the right ones

Life is full of chances

It is up to you to take them

Life is full of dreams

It is up to you to follow yours

Life is full of life

Your life is in your hands

No one can make your decisions for you

In life

It is up to you!

Thank you for reading.