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Wednesday Night!

Wednesday Night..LOVE

Hope all is going good with everyone. Just want to wish you all happiness and love.

Praying for better days. Hope the healing process continues. Sending love tonight to those who feel they are not loved. You Are! You are strong and can make it through please do not give up trust I have been down too many times, prayer helps. Pray for strength and guidance.

Wishing you all Peace, Love, Happiness, and Blessings.

Goodnight, People!!


Wednesday Chill

This Wednesday is just a kick-back day (Not really LOL). Finally off work and tired whew a long day but it’s my writing night, I am just doing a little writing and editing. Working on two books is hard and challenging but I love it. Tonight is challenging because in one book I have two different endings and another idea popped up in my mind and I have been having a hard time deciding what ending to go with. I see it’s going to be a long night and hopefully by the end of the week, I will have my mind made up. For now, I will continue to edit and see where that takes me for the night. Wish me luck. #JustWrite #Passion




Looking in the mirror

Sometimes loving what I see, who I am

At times hating what I see, hating who I am


Sometimes gives me strength

Talking to me words of wisdom

At times words are harsh, mean


Sometimes I feel so beautiful

And yet times ugly


Its sometimes easy to lie to me

The mirror shows truth, pain, past


Who am I fooling?

While facing me


The mirror I see

Yeah, sometimes I do not want to face

The ugliness, darkness, sometimes truth

In the


That’s how we face everything

Staring at ourselves, looking deep within, our soul

And I, We

Can’t lie, can’t deny


Truth is




Thank you for reading.