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Last Day of June

Last Day of June!

This month has been crazy, honestly kind of pissed that I did not meet all goals for this month. Been feeling out of sorts and still thankful for what the month has brought. I am excited and looking forward to next month and new beginnings and of course new goals to work towards. How has this month been to you all? Good? Bad? Meh? Or just not feeling it at all?

I am praying for better days and still trying to remain positive through it all.

Ready for July 2021

Thank you for reading.

Who I Am!

Who I Am!

I know who I am and what I want in life


I will no longer accept anything less than what I deserve

I know how I love and what I can offer


I will not give in and be someone I am not

I will not be treated like trash

I know who I am and what I want

Standing tall and facing all

I will be a better me


I will be better than my past, the old, me

Grown woman here, who goes for what she wants

I know who I am and what I want

Its me its who I am!

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Words cannot describe this feeling

Heart rising from the lust

Heart rising our bodies joined

Words cannot describe this feeling

Sparks flying all through my body

Sparks flaming bodies on fire

With love, lust, and desire

Heating up more, I need it

Words cannot describe this feeling

We cannot stop, hands all over each other

This fire we cannot put out

Not yet

Damn this feeling

My heart, my body

All feel amazing, set a blaze

Words cannot describe this feeling

Damn I cannot speak…

He got me speechless

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Pain Pain, Go Away

Pain Pain, Go Away!

Just do not understand, why? why me. The pain that is in my heart

It seems to be too much, The hurt in my voice, the hurt on my face

Please make it stop, I am hurting, I am weak

I cannot take it

My mind, my body and spirit are in pain

Life is dark, and I do not care any longer

Just want the pain to go away

Cannot live like this

Why? why? why?

This damn pain it is too much

Pain pain go away

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***A Poem***



You do not know what is out there

Your scared to take that step

Scared of rejection, embarrassment, failure

Scared of the unknown

You tell yourself I can do it

But doubt, and anxiety tells you otherwise

Your scared of what you might or might not become

Scared of what people will say or think about you

You procrastinate, put things on hold

Scared to put yourself out there

Scared to follow your dreams

Your scared of your own potential

Thank you for reading!

Get Away

Get Away!

I just want to get away

Escape my feelings, my problems, LIFE

Just want to get away, be alone, just ME

Me, myself, and I

Just want to get away

From the cruelness of this world

The pain, the loudness

Just want to get away

Have comfort, happiness, ME

Just want to get away, away from it all

Get away and have peace

I just want to get away

Thank you for reading.

**Just A Poem**

I Vent…

I Vent….

Doesn’t it just suck when we want what we can not have. Wanting someone or something when you know its wrong it just sucks. Damn this guy from my past has been on my mind lately and I do not know why. I know he is no good for me. We have never been in a relationship or together like that, but I know that he is seriously bad news. But why in the hell do I think about him or want him?  Damn crazy and I try not to think about him. Sometimes I think about what could be or what a relationship between the two of us would look like. I just see his sexy face and sexy voice oh my oh my. I seriously need to stop; can you say annoyed lol. But he is serious on my mind, and he do not know how I feel SMH. Oh Boy! My feelings at the moment, I vent…..

Have a happy Monday!!!!

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