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Me, Overthinker/Over analyzer

Me, Overthinker/Over analyzer

Why am I such an overthinker? I tend to second guess myself all the time and I take a long time to make a decision. I think about everything. My mind is constantly going and thinking of stuff weather it is good or bad. I also worry a lot and putting that with me overthinker and boom its chaotic and very overwhelming. I try to sit back and relax but I can admit that sometimes I am uptight and too much going on and to worry about. I have heard some people say that being an overthinker is a bad thing. What do you think? Are you like this? Every situation I come across I over think about it, and sometimes I feel bad about the decisions that I make. This is a trait of mine that I do not like, it can be annoying at times. Wow I really need to relax, take it a day at a time, anyways I am overthinking right now, that is just me.

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Let It Go

Let It Go

I am learning day by day that it is okay for me to let things go, let go and be free

Let go of the anger

Let go of the lies

Let go of the pain

Let go of those who are toxic to you and your well being

Let go of it all

Let go and open your mind

Let go and open your heart, let go and let God

Let go and welcome sunshine into your life

Let it all go

It is okay and I am learning to move on and continue to love me and have a happy life. Let go of the things that I can not control and take it for what it is. I love the feeling of being happy and at peace. I am letting it all go. I am happy and content!

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Happy Thursday!


Happy Thursday! people. Wishing you love and blessings this beautiful day. I hope you succeed in what you want to accomplish today. Get that to do list done, make time for your self and try to have a relaxed day and yes trust I know that can be hard if you have a lot going on or work is stressful, just breathe through it and pray. Just want to send love and a positive message today.

It’s almost Friday Yay! Have a great day. please feel to like, comment, and share. thank you for reading.

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Back to school!

Back to school!!

Morning all, how is it going?

So excited at the moment and yes, a little nervous. My son will be starting middle school, the sixth grade in a week. Today he has a half a day for orientation. Do not know why I am very nervous, but I am even though it is just orientation lol. I cannot believe that I have a child in middle school. Time is going by fast, and they are growing, something that I can’t stop lol. It is a beautiful yet scary thing for me. Crazy. Maybe I am that parent that will not be able to let go.

Even though I feel anxious I am happy for my son. Starting a new grade and at a new school is exciting and a new experience. I am sure he will do great. My daughter will start fifth grade and she is excited also to start the new school year. My kids are growing up and love it (And Scared).

Shout out to all parents who are homeschooling or sending their kids back to school. It is not easy especially with everything going on in this world, but we do what we must for our children. No matter what! Praying for our children that they are safe and praying for strength and guidance.

Are you ready for back to school? Do you feel it is challenging this year? Hope you all have a good day. Blessings! 💙🖤

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Stuck here in the same spot

Stuck fighting

Figuring it out


All alone

Stuck in a bubble

Want to break free

Scared, nervous

Stuck feeling the weight of the world

Pushing, shoving, reaching

Nothing happens

Stuck in life

Stuck in a shell

Trying to overcome it all


Facing fears

Don’t want to


Want to be heard


Suffer in silence


No change, give up


Where’s light

Where is Love

I am stuck here and now

Trying to breathe

Get out of it, Climb

Man, man, man

I am just


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Books! Poetry!

Books! Poetry!

Hello all

Sitting here thinking bout publishing my own poetry books and other books I have in the works. Love poetry and writing it on all types of topics and ready to write a poetry book. Honestly, I do not know where to start, I have some poems that I want in the book, but no title yet and it is something I have been brainstorming on for days.

So, no title, no cover designs, layout, and of course no idea on how to go about self-publishing it. So going to do some major research and see where that leads me. Want to get this poetry book out then continue to work on my other books and get those published as well.

My night consists of a lot of thinking, some research and of course writing. Trying to figure it all out and move forward with all my projects. Got so much going on right now. Whew BREATHE. I will get it done make things happen do the work that is necessary. Nervous about it but I got this. HELP LOL

Write, think, revise, write, chill that is my night. How is your night going? I hope it's good. Peace, Love, Happiness, and Blessings.


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