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Loving Self!

Love Yourself

When you have to make choices that are good for you but will hurt someone, still choose you.

It doesn’t make sense to keep giving in to them or live how they want you to. Or give into a situation that is not good or safe. Give in to yourself, feed you and your soul

Love yourself better than you love anyone else. Be strong and make the right decisions

It is Your life, so the choice has to be made for you and your future

Give yourself all you got.

Make those hard choices and be a better you

The truth is honestly how can you love someone or something if first you don’t love yourself…

My thoughts and feelings tonight, self-love is very important. Please remember to be kind, caring, and loving to yourself. You matter!

Don’t let no one tell you otherwise.


Thank you for reading.


Sometimes it is just easy to focus and worry and stress over things. Go into full anxiety mode. Sometimes it is easy to get distracted from the right you are doing. Get sucked into the bad and ugly and it happens fast. Sometimes we forget ourselves and what it is we are trying to do. Sometimes we get scared of life. Sometimes we let people come into our lives and take over. We let them dictate what we do how we move. Sometimes it happens when we are at our lowest and depressed. We do not care at the moment because sometimes we do not care about life at all. Sometimes it takes us a while to really understand what is going on in front of us and around us. Sometimes we make mistakes that cost us later in life. Sometimes we do not know where to turn, we do not know what to do. And. Sometimes we give up. Sometimes it is a struggle to get it all together. Sometimes we just need faith we need to know that everything will be okay. Sometimes we go through life numb because we feel we cannot fix anything. Sometimes we just need to breathe, be calm. Berceuse sometimes life happens and it’s not always going to be how you want it. At all. The process of life. Sometimes we just have to deal with it.



Thank you for reading.

*A Poem*

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How’s It Going!

Hello everyone!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was okay just me and my kids most of the day then my sister visited for a little bit. I thought I was going to have a full breakdown this morning. First Thanksgiving without my mom and I was just hurting when I woke up. Ugh really miss her and of course, wanted to call and hear her voice badly. Got myself together though throughout the day and cooked for my kids and I was happy, and I am thankful to have them in my life. So today was okay. Hope you and your families enjoyed the day and got to spend the day with the ones you love. Well back to writing for my book just wanted to make a post and see how everyone is doing today. Hope your night is great and I thank you for reading.

Blessings All

Thank You.

Walking Away!

Just Write

Walking Away...

Walking away, this ish, man why is it hard to do. Even when you know you should, you know it is for the best. You know that you have tried your best. You took them back over and over no matter what. You constantly forgave them, even though you were hurting. You disregarded your feelings to make or keep them happy and for what? To get hurt, to be always crying. You see with your own damn eyes that nothing is getting better, it is a damn cycle that you are going through and yet it is still hard to walk away. When those around you also fee like the two of you should not be together, you do not hear them you still try. Even when that person shows you the real them, that they are all about self, they do not care at all. They…

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Early November

Just Write

It is early November and Thanksgiving is already on my mind. I am thinking of the foods I want to cook and what I can’t wait to eat. Ready for food and Family. My favorite is Ham and Sweet Potatoes also Macaroni. Oh can’t forget the delicious desserts man man man I can not wait till that day. As I am writing and thinking about Thanksgiving I am getting hungry. Who else is ready for Thanksgiving and what are some foods/desserts you like and who are you interested in seeing? Just a thought at the moment and I #JustWrite!. Enjoy!!!

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Christmas 2020!  Shopping!

Yes, it is still early November and I have already made a post about thanksgiving and me ready to cook and ready to eat. Now I am thinking about Christmas also, from decorations, seeing family and of course shopping for gifts. My kids been telling me what they want, and I am excited to shop. I have so many ideas for decorating the tree and my apartment. I also have good craft ideas and toy ideas for my kids, that I know they will love. I am on a couple of websites and trying to make sure I will get everyone on my list. Hopefully, I can find what I need and want, cannot forget about myself lol. Cannot wait till I see those big smiles on those faces that I love and care when they open gifts. Is there anybody else that has started Christmas shopping and getting ready to? Ready to shop and give back. Your thoughts please.

Thanks for your time.


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