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Just sitting here thinking like always lol and I am thinking about being alone lol. Yeah seriously. Lately it had been rough, and I think I need to get away and be by myself, maybe a week or two. It has been stressful at work and I have been getting terribly upset by it. Personal life as well is stressful now just need a little break. I know I am not the only one. You just want to tell people to leave you alone and let you be. I know that will not happen soon just wishful thinking. Sometimes I want to turn my phone off and just sleep, but I have stuff to do and I have a family to take care of, I am always busy busy busy, and my mind and body feels it. A spa day, some wine, a vacation somewhere nice would be great. A place that is quiet and relaxing and I can breathe easy and ease my mind will also be great.

Alone with me is what I want. Okay I am just venting here for a while sorry. I know we all have those days and if you are I am praying for you . I am about to write, get some chapters finished and relax I thank you for reading and enjoy your evening.

Thank you!

Numb… — Just Write

At this point I feel helpless, hopeless, soul less. Feel numb to it all my days and nights are a blur. I am constantly pacing and can not focus. Music helps a little. Heart is steadily racing and thinking the worst. It is really bad cause I don’t have anyone to talk to and I […]

Numb… — Just Write

Man, man, man going through a lot right now it is too much. REPOSTING because I am feeling this way right now ugh can’t focus and very very scared. I don’t know what to do. Please Pray for me.

Thank You

Love I Want!!

Love I want!!!

Feeling that special touch from that person you want, you need.

Feeling the love from their actions. Knowing that you are in good hands.

No worries love and trust have our backs.

The look of love in our eyes the way we stare at each other, see that the love is there.

Having faith that our love will be forever.


Our souls touch, speak, hear, and see each other’s.

A love like this is ordinary.

A love like this I want to keep.

Dedication, trust, love, communication is what it takes and more.

This is a love I want to work towards

A love I look forward to.

Real pure love, this is the love I want. Real real real genuine love.

I want it!!!!

Thank you for reading.



She is perfect in her imperfections

She is happy in her pain

Strong in her weakness

She smiles through the cries

She put on her happy face, ready to help others

Knows her weakness, and strengths

Keeps her head up no matter what

She learns from her mistakes

She is beautiful in her own way because she is herself

Yes she is perfect in her imperfections!

Thank You For Reading!