Today I want to pray for those who are dealing with this bad weather and the snowstorms and ice storms all over. I am in Minnesota so somewhat used to this weather, but I have heard that states like Texas who is getting hit with this weather and this is new for them. Just praying for those who do not know what to do and who are facing challenges due to what is going on. Also want to pray for those who is dealing with a loved one or their self-due to covid-19. Praying for love and healing for this world. It seems so much is going on. Sending love and prayers to everyone. Remember to love yourself and those around especially during the hard times, things are a little crazy at the moment. Also praying for my family, the situation with my mom is not getting better. I am scared and lost, lately the days has been a blur. Praying for better days for us all. Just venting letting it out, prayers going up. Hope you have Peace, Love, Happiness, Blessings.

Thank for supporting me and thank you for reading.


Battle with myself

Battle with myself!

I look in the mirror and there are times where I do not like who is starring back

Telling myself to face my fears, be strong

I am battling myself it is tough battle trying to keep control of what is going on around me

I feel like I am losing. The doubting myself, feeling ashamed, I am feeling unworthy

I am battling myself through it all the good, the bad, and most definitely the ugly and the worst

I am my own worst enemy hard on me

Sometimes I like who and what I see and times I do not

I say to myself to suck it up it is life

Battling myself trying to keep from crying

Trying hard to fix my crown

Daily struggles sometimes hold me back

Battling myself this woman is hard to deal with

Tough and strong I say back to the mirror you got this, keep going, stop being in your own way

Battling myself I say take a breather and get back to it

Battling myself it is me versus me

A battle I will come out on top of

Me battling myself through it all enough is enough

Me battling myself it is time I choose I as I stare back in the mirror with a smile

I chose I in this battle with myself!


Lonely Tonight

Times when I am down and I am not feeling myself, I hate being lonely. Sometimes I wish there were someone here to love me, talk to me, to hold me and tell me everything will be okay. Yes, I am strong on my own, I get lonely sometimes. These last couple of weeks I have been feeling very lonely and been sad about it. Honestly, I wish the guy I talked about in a previous post was here with me, like damn I really want that man bad. And of course, as I stated before he is probably not thinking about me at all. I am just lonely and thinking. There has been so much going on in my life lately and I just want real love, real friendships, just realness in my life. Anyways, I am going to get over it hopefully soon, me thinking this way, I sometimes irritate myself like seriously lol, but it is what it is. Miss lonely speaking tonight. Hope you all are doing okay and having a good night. Remember to love yourself and those around you. Love, peace, happiness, and Blessings!

Thank you for reading.

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F- Following my own lead, following my visions, my dreams, feeling powerful, facing myself

L- Learning and growing, letting go of the past, listen to my voice more often, loving myself

O- Observe everything around me, open my mind, my heart, open to new and better ideas

W- Willing to do what it takes to achieve my dream, I have wisdom, wishful, working on a better life for my kids and myself, work hard, a woman that is worthy

That is me. I go with the flow of things and wish for the best. Learning as I go!

Just go with the FLOW!!

Hope you enjoy this.

Thank you for reading.

Hay Happy Wednesday

Hello people! Happy Wednesday!

It has been some days and I haven’t been writing, but here I am back at it. Last week was a crazy week and my weekend was busy. Went on a trip with my family and did not get a chance to write. How are you all doing today? Want to talk about the trip and my thought and feeling of course.

Weekend Trip

So, on Saturday morning my mom, my sister, and my brothers myself and our kids drove to Kansas City Missouri, a 6- 8-hour drive. Yeah, we lost the Super Bowl this past Sunday, but it’s still GO Chiefs!! Okay back to it lol the reason for our trip was for our mom to see her family she really wanted to see her dad. It was a nice trip although it was a short one. I was happy to see my grandpa it has been about 5 years since I last seen him so that was cool. Also seeing my cousins who I have not seen in over 10 years (Crazy) even though we didn’t get a chance to hangout seeing their faces and talking to them for a little bit was great. Even though the long drive with kids had my anxiety at a high I enjoyed the trip. I was happy that my mom got to see her family and her home so overall it was cool.

My emotions are still everywhere but I am dealing with it. Taking it one day at a time and doing my breathing exercises. Like I stated above I have not been writing, so I am going to try to write an entry for my gratitude journal, and then write and focus on my book. I have been slacking too much lately and I need to get back into my groove. Still stuck on a chapter for the book but I will push through and make it happen. Also going over my monthly goals and probably add more and make some adjustments. Due to what is going on and me thinking about the unknown I am trying to keep busy and not think too much. What are your plans for the day? Remember to love yourself always and love those close to you. Wish you all Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings.

Thank you for reading.



Sitting in this big treehouse

Surrounded by nature

A natural calm

Sitting in this treehouse

Content with myself

Wine in hand

Body relaxed

In this treehouse

Stress is out

Mind not wondering

Feeling in the groove

Peace all over me

In this tree house

Is my hideout

Invisible to all

No I’m not small

In this treehouse

I like to be

In this treehouse I am me

This big ole treehouse, YES all for me

Thank You For Reading!

Venting Tonight

Venting tonight….Ugh

So yesterday had been a long day seemed like it dragged off. The only good thing was that it was my son birthday, he turned 11 and yes, I feel old lol. I also started my gratitude journal yesterday and I told myself that I will try it for a while see how I like it. I hate that besides those two things I have been moody all day and wanted to stay in my bed. The situation with my mom’s health is taking its toll on me. Awfully bad news and I do not know how to process it all. My emotions are all over the place and I have just been down lately. Heart is heavy but praying for the best and praying for strength, guidance, understanding, healing, and patience. I know that it will be a process and it will be hard for me and my family and I have to be strong for us all. Just too much going on and I am feeling overwhelmed and just want to shut down.

Sorry if you feel like this is a negative post but I have to get my feeling out. Losing someone or knowing you are going to lose them hurts I am sad and really do not know what to do. I am so lost, hurt and confused. This is hard and wanted to vent for a while. I know some things I post might be too much for some, but I am the type to say how I really feel. My thoughts, my feelings, letting it all out. I thank you all for the support. I thank you for reading.

What to do?….. — Just Write

I posted this a while ago and sharing again. This is the feeling of today. Thinking and trying to write. How is your day going? Have a good one people!

What to do? So, things have been going okay the last couple of days despite the bad that is going on and trying not to think about it. Been writing for days on and off and the ideas and dialogue were flowing great I mean I was writing and editing with no problem, getting a […]

What to do?….. — Just Write



This is so true but very hard to do. Anyone else?

and being very overwhelmed by it. Annoying

Are you someone who smiles through it all even though you are so stressed out with everything around you. You feel like it is too much to handle. Not going to lie I AM. Ugh again ANNOYING


Being overwhelmed feels like ton of pressure (well to me) on you. And I get crazy anxiety so I really be feeling all types of ways. Man it freaking sucks. But we got this. Right?

Yeah we do.


Just a lot of thinking this Early Morning..... I feel overwhelmed now and should go to bed. Wanted to share some quotes and how I feel about being overwhelmed. Thank you!!!