Ms. Misunderstood

Alas, my words fall on deaf ears

My thoughts ignored, my hopes in tears

Misunderstood, overlooked, unseen

I stand alone, a forgotten dream.

I pour my heart out on the page

But still, they do not understand my rage.

My passion for life, my desire to be known

Lost in a sea of indifference, I am alone.

Oh, to be heard, to be seen, to be understood

But instead, I am left in solitude.

My voice echoes in an empty room

A silent plea for understanding, an ineffective doom.

So, I write on, despite the pain

Hoping one day, my words will not be in vain

Until then, I remain misunderstood

A poet lost in a world that does not see the good.

She is

Ms. Misunderstood!

Thankk you for reading.



Hello everyone. How is your Tuesday night going? I want to talk about trust/trusting. I bring this up because I have been wanting to reach out to someone about my life, to talk and sort things out, but I do not know if I can trust another person with so much information about me. Maybe I am being weird about it, but I do not trust easily. I want to let everything out and move on, I just do not know who that person can be. Even with professionals, I am still iffy about it. Trust, trust, trust man I need to learn how to open up more and let people in, that is hard though. Wrote poems, blogs about it. TRUST…

I have been thinking about counseling or maybe reaching out to maybe a life coach. Nowadays I have been trying to balance everything out. Learn new techniques. Sometimes I feel I need help with that. But of course, it is the trust thing.

I told myself that I would try to be trusting and let things flow if I decide to talk with someone. I would give them a try, fill them out and see if we can move forward. I know putting your trust in others or anything can be risky because you never know what their true intent can be and that is my opinion. Trusting others can be tricky or hard again my opinion.

Have you experienced this before? Should I say forget it and just do it? I have to really make my mind up. Man, these trust issues of mine are not good. Yes, I need a little help lol. I have a hard time trusting anything.

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading..

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A True love (A Poem) II

Tenderly embracing

Reaching out to one another

Unconditional love soaring

Enduring through all weather

Loyalty and trust abounding

Vows of never-ending grace

Oneness forever binding

Enduring the test of time and space

Matching hearts and souls together

A beautiful bond of two

Singularly unique, never alone

Till the very end, me and you

Our love


True Love!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


Put the words I want to say in a jar

Bottled up and send a far


Don’t speak on it


Write a letter and burry it

Deep, maybe no one will see

Don’t think about it


Keep it all in, lock it away

Not a peep


Drug and drink

Numb it from my mind


Walk around quiet!

Used to it

But sometimes, this silence


Of the unsaid

I hear it, all of it loud and clear

But again, still there is


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Book #2

Damn cannot lie writing a part two to my first published book is hard work.

I mean it is so challenging. But hey I am here for it. Just Write. Get It Done

I am writing for my books and blogging. But I am about to do a little editing. My night. Chill for now. Music, Some Smoke….VIBE!

My mind is on someone tonight, but writing right now is helping. Keep at it and get my goals completed.


Have a good one my blog peeps! Happy Writing!

Blessings and Love! 🖤💙💛💛🤎💙💚🧡💟❤

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