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Big World

Big World

Such a big world

Yet I feel so small

Finding a place to fit in

Feeling like I do not belong

Such a big world

Great possibilities, A great future

Yet too scared to take that leap

Maybe I can make it, maybe I can’t

Such a big world

Nice and friendly people, Love all around

Or so you think, there are crooks out there

Such a big world

However, a world I am scared to seek

Thank you for reading.

I Smile II

I Smile II

I smile to keep from crying

Even when too, much is going on around me

I smile to hide my true self from people

I smile it is better than a wet and sad face

I smile pretending, do not want anyone to know

I smile to try to get through the day

I smile while wanting to get away

And with all that and more

I smile!

Thank you for reading.

Not really a smile, Kisses!


Drifting off into a daze

Thinking of a better situation

Daydreaming of a better life

Drifting off trying to

Find a place where I belong

Daydreaming of my happy place if any

Drifting off wondering

What is to come, what is to happen?

Daydreaming of my future

Drifting off just to not think

Daydreaming of what can be

Thank you for reading.



The destination, one where people get

Lost in their thoughts

Enjoy the peace and the quiet

Still waters, wavy waters

The beauty of the view, the colors

A sight to see, such calmness

Feet in the sand forgetting everything just for a moment

Nature hugs you

Keeps you in

Ocean side there is where I want to dream

Take it all in

Breathe in breathe out

Let it all go while at the


Thank you for reading!



Me, solo on my mission to better things

Me Strong

There is many around, but none who genuinely care

Me in my mind, closed off to the world

Me, Silence, Invisible

Nobody but me, I got it, wait, do I?

Who needs people, wait huh do I?

Me, solo, darkness, lonely

So many around, who cares

Just me, solo!

Thank You For Reading.

Never Quit

Never Quit

They say you will never be nothing.

I say I never quit.

He said I do not care I will stop you anyway I can.

I say I never quit.

They said your dream is a joke.

I say I never quit.

He said you want to become something, you cannot.

I say I never quit.

They said I will take your happiness.

I say I never quit.

He said you will be nothing without me.

I say I never quit.

And I never will no matter what they say.

I will never quit. Never give up!

Thank you for reading.