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I have been thinking about starting a gratitude journal it has been heavily on my mind lately. I heard that keeping a gratitude journal is a good idea and it helps with a lot. I do not know where to start but I will try it and see how it goes. I already write so that helps. I am looking for more ways to stay positive these days and someone said I should start with a gratitude journal. I have added it to my month of February goals, and I am ready and dedicated to it. I am sure it is not that hard, got to start somewhere, somehow. Hopefully, it is something I love and will continue it.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

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Okay, so I must vent for a minute. Yall know how I do. I am having some feelings about that oh is this shit too good to be true, am I close to my dreams, and sometimes my damn trust issues are at play. I am almost finished with my book and ready to take off. At this moment I really do not trust shit. This weekend and the dates are memories I hate thinking about, so that got me feeling all types of ways.  Emotions are everywhere tonight. And honestly, no one to talk to well on my blog. Just doing so much thinking tonight, maybe I need to go to bed, and try again tomorrow. Glad I got some goals done though.  A calm mind and rest!!!! Thanks for all the support!

I hope everyone else night was great and happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Hope your day was fun and exciting. Remember to love yourself and keep those you love close.  Goodnight!

Blessings and Love

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Night Kisses

Night Kisses

Making me blush

Night kisses

Keeping me up

Night kisses

No dream

Love when these

Kisses are all over me

Or wet dream

A fantasy

Night kisses

I want to last

Soak it up


Night kisses

Showers me

In love and

Feeling it

Night kisses

The forecast

Wet, steamy

Blushing, screaming

No stopping



Night kisses



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Scars inside and out

Deep wounds

Can never be fixed


Still remain

Walk with me, guide me

The scars

Not pretty

Inside and out

The scars I carry with me

So deep

Nightmares appear

The scars are her


The scars

Inside and out I

Cannot hide

Flesh open

Cries are loud

Scars remain

I wonder why.

No help

There’s nobody

Damn scars

On my mind, body


Am I still alive?



Sometimes visible

These scars sometimes



Blessings and Love.

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**A Poem**



Damn, when I think about you

And what you offer, I get lost

Lost in lust

I have a high feeling, feeling great

Not love though

I want only your body

On these nights I own you, your mind and body

You are lusting for me as I for you

Not love though

We feed each other passion

Desire, passion like no other

Lusting both of us…. WOW

Cannot get enough

Not love though

Lusting after hours

We do not care, nothing else matters

Not love though

So. Oh Well

I keep on enjoying

This beautiful lust!!

Have a good one!

Thank you for reading.

The Butterfly!

The Butterfly

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful animals/insects that is one of my favorites. I love butterflies because it represents life. The transitions you make in life can be compared to the stage of life of the butterfly (my opinion). Been in love with them since I was a child, the beauty of them, different colors everything. I also love them because I feel like it represents me in a way, I am always transforming/evolving into a better version of me. Changing everything around me. I am also learning to put my self out there set myself free, spread my wings and fulfilling my dreams. I am a work in progress and learning a long the way. I think I am special just like the butterfly. Beautiful like the butterfly, creative and free. Yeah, I think it represents me great. I even collect things with butterflies. Do you have an animal that you feel represents you? Or is it just me?


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