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Tuesday Night Chill!!

Tuesday Night!

Tonight is a chill night, of course I am writing and being myself and I have a lot on my mind and putting it on paper. At the moment it is writing, music, drinks, a vibe, chilling. I am feeling okay right now, trying to heal and it can be hard but tonight I am cool.

Hope you all had a great day! Happy Writing/Blogging!

How is your night going? What do you have planned this Tuesday night? Also love is on my mind. Remember to always love your self. Sending you all LOVE!

Wishing you Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings!!! Thank you for reading!

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T.O.L-Changes, Risks, Career

Hello All

Today I have been doing some thinking about my future and was asking myself a few questions about my career and what I need to do to get further in my writing process, and the process after my book is done. One thing I am constantly thinking about is publishing my book. Sometimes I think that I should get a publisher and other times I want to try and self-publish. Also trying to figure out if I want to fully edit myself or hire someone and that goes for the cover for my book too. I know that I should get help with everything but of course I feel like I can do it all. I know one reason could be my trust issues and not trusting that someone else can get the result that I desire. It has been annoying trying to figure it out and I know that in the end, I will do my best to make the right decision. Another thing on my mind is getting out of my shell and trying to open up more. I need to be able to do interviews and speak to others about my work. That will be hard because I have never liked public speaking and am not very good at networking lol and in interviews, I get nervous and don’t want to do it. Seriously need to get out of this. Push me harder and give myself those pep talks. I tell myself that me getting out talking to people and getting my name, brand, and book out there that I must do the work and promote myself and be good at it. No nervousness, shyness, or awkwardness when I do interviews. I need to be confident in myself and my passion, my craft. I tell myself to take those chances, and risks and just do it. I try to hype myself up. I just want my career to be good and one that I can manage and be confident in. If I want more, I have to do the work and do more.

A little venting lol. Thinking out loud. Just thinking about how to change a lot and be great. I know the change will not happen overnight, but I am so ready for it. Ready for something new and that starts with me changing some things.

Have you ever felt like this? Scared to fully put yourself or your projects out in the world? Are you scared to take risks or scared of change? What do you think?

Have a good one. Blessings and Love.

Thank you for reading.


Just Write


Sometimes hearing a voice
Seeing a face, their smiles
And boom your reason to live
Reason to keep going never give up
Reason to fight so hard
The dedication
The strength in your eyes
The love in your heart
Sleepless night
Love all around
That voice, that face and smile
A calm
A happiness
Your life
The love never ends
Family Love


Thank you for reading.

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In Your Arms!

One of my old poems… Love it

Just Write

In Your Arms!

Your arms

Baby we are one

Laying in your arms is life

Laying in your arms without a care in the world

No one else matters, it is just us baby

Being with you makes my heart smile

Makes me feel hopeful, joyful, and happy

Laying in your arms starring in your eyes

I see love, our dreams, our world

Baby we are one

Our souls together forever, we got each other

Laying in your arms is all I want

I love being with you

Laying in your arms, I am me, my fullself

My love, my heart, my soul, my mind is

Forever in your arms!

Thank You For Reading.

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Keep It Cool!

Still Keep it Cool. Happy Sunday!!!

Just Write

Keep It Cool!

When days are hectic, too much going on

Keep it cool

When you are mad, ready to flip out

Keep it cool

Kids driving you crazy, you really want a break

Keep it cool

Work is stressful, you want to quit

Keep it cool

Keep it cool and try to stay stress free

Relax and pray

Keep it cool!

Thank you for reading.

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Sunday Quotes

Today’s quotes are from Ntozake Shange

“Where there is a woman there is magic. If there is a moon falling from her mouth, she is a woman who knows her magic, who can share or not share her powers. A woman with a moon falling from her mouth, roses between her legs and tiaras of Spanish moss, this woman is a consort of the spirits.”
― Ntozake Shange

“let her be born / let her be born / & handled warmly.”
― Ntozake Shange, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf

Ntozake Shange 1948-2018 she was a Black feminist, a poet, and playwright

For more about Ntozake Shange:


Thank you.

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