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Sometimes you just must remind yourself that you will succeed, you will win. You will overcome obstacles that are in your way.

Remind yourself to push hard every day and never give up. Keep pushing through it all, even if you must cry, scream, let it all out. Don’t give up.

Sometimes we have to talk to our inner selves and give some pep talks. Let ourselves know that all will be okay. Say you are strong and willing. Say you believe in your dreams, Say you have faith.

Remind yourself that you have your own back.

Just a reminder to take of yourself! Self-Love, Self-Care is the best care!

A reminder!

Remember to love yourself and those around you.



Thank you for reading.

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Want to let it all go

Forget the past, forget the humiliation

Forget the hurt, forget it all

Forget the people who played a part in my hurt

Forget those who knew but did not help, looked away

Forget those who said they care, but really do not

Forget the feelings I had, forget my tears

Forget get being a child, forget all of my childhood


Forget having too much weight on my shoulders

Forget getting over shit alone and afraid

Damn yall

I just want to forget

Forget it all…

Thank you for reading.

Insight to Ray’Elaine


Danger, danger, danger man

I fear myself

The most person I fear besides God is me

I am my own worst enemy

I am sometimes in my own way, I can be very evil

I say this because my soul, my mind, and mouth are ruthless’

I hurt people, purposely pushing them away, SO What

Dangerous, I cannot calm down, I see red, just blood

I be in beast mode, like all the time, ready to go

Fist up, ready to fight

Dangerous and lethal, please proceed with caution

An insight to me, I know I am not the only do not hate me!! LOL

Thank you for reading!